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Billie Kerley

Ottawa County 9-1-1 assigns addresses for all residences within the unincorporated boundary of Ottawa County, as well as several of the smaller communities within the county. We do not assign addresses for the city/town of Miami and we do not assign addresses to vacant land. Ottawa County 9-1-1 addressing policy requires a number or road name to be given if there are more than three residences, businesses, or industries accessing the same driveway, regardless of the length.

Homes and businesses within Ottawa County, and any town following the county addressing system, receive a number based on their location along the road the structure faces. Each address is determined using GPS to ensure accuracy and precision when it is assigned. Structures on the North and East sides of a road receive even numbers, and structures on the South and West of the road receive odd numbers.

How do I get an address?

Every home and business in Ottawa County should have an address. When you build a new structure or place any sort of residence on county land, you must first fill out a request form for a new address or verification of the existing address. You can contact the Ottawa County 9-1-1 Coordinator for this information.

Phone: (918) 541-3939


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If you are buying or renting a property and do not know the assigned address, please contact our office.

What should I do with my address?

Many residents are unsure what to do once they receive a new address. First, post your assigned address clearly on your building and mailbox so that it can be seen. If you do not display your address, or some of the numbers are missing/faded, Emergency Responders may not be able to locate you quickly. Also, it is important to notify your local mail carrier that this is your new address to ensure that you receive your mail correctly. It is the responsibility of the resident to notify and change the address of any companies that may send mail to you (for example your phone bill, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.).

Reflective address signs are available to purchase through the office.

Can’t find your address on Google/Having a hard time getting mail delivered?

Residents within Ottawa County may have trouble finding their address on Google. The 9-1-1 system does not have anything to do with Google’s search engine. Our office tries to keep Google Maps as updated as possible, but we ultimately do not have any power over what Google displays on their maps. Similarly, our office does not have any control over the location systems places like UPS or FedEx uses. If you are having any trouble receiving mail, please contact your local Post Office.