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Election Board

Paige Bearden

Paige Bearden
Election Board Secretary
Paige Bearden
Paige Bearden
Election Board Secretary

The Election Board is responsible for maintaining voter registration records and for the conduct of all federal, state, county, municipal and school district elections in Ottawa County. The Election Board is comprised of three members. The Secretary is charged with the duty of the daily operations of the Election Board Office.

  • Supervises voter registration, voter outreach, and maintains registration records
  • Designates polling places & conducts elections for school districts, municipalities, county, state & federal entities
  • Appoints and trains election officials and prepares & assembles supplies, ballots & materials for elections
  • Provides absentee voting (mail, nursing homes and in-person)
  • Certifies official election results and conducts contests of candidacy and election recounts
  • Provides public information for all election related activities

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