Main Courthouse Phone: 918-542-3121

Where Do I?

Below is a list of common tasks in the county and where to go to get them done.

What Where
Apply for double homestead exemption Assessor's Office
Apply for or renew farm sales tax exemption card Assessor's Office
Apply for senior freeze exemptions Assessor's Office
Buy farm implement stamps Treasurer's Office
Buy motor vehicle stamps Treasurer's Office
Buy plat books or wall maps Assessor's Office
Change the name on a mobile home title Assessor's Office
File 100% disabled veteran's homestead exemption Assessor's Office
File a mortgage or deed County Clerk's Office
File annual assessment of farm equipment Assessor's Office
File federal tax liens and releases County Clerk's Office
File fictitious name partnerships County Clerk's Office
File for a county office Election Board Office
File for a municipal office Election Board Office
File for homestead Assessor's Office
File for school board position Election Board Office
File judgments County Clerk's Office
File mechanic's & materialmen's liens County Clerk's Office
File medical licenses County Clerk's Office
File name change County Clerk's Office
File Oklahoma tax warrants and releases County Clerk's Office
File plat County Clerk's Office
File power of attorney County Clerk's Office
File real estate documents County Clerk's Office
File underground facilities County Clerk's Office
Find out where I vote Election Board Office
Get a beverage license Court Clerk's Office
Get a birth certificate Vital Records
Get a marriage license Court Clerk's Office
Get a passport Court Clerk's Office
Get a protective order Court Clerk's Office
Get paperwork to move a mobile home Assessor's Office
Pay a traffic ticket Court Clerk's Office
Pay court costs Court Clerk's Office
Pay mortgage tax Treasurer's Office
Pay property taxes Treasurer's Office
Register to vote Election Board Office
Replace my voter ID card Election Board Office
Report for jury duty Court Clerk's Office
Search land records County Clerk's Office
Search UCC lien records County Clerk's Office