Commissioner District 2

The Office of the County Commissioner, District 2

D2 Road "Projects Aug- Jan/22

Road Rebuilding:

E 94 from S 670 to Stateline

S 590 Rd from 10 Hwy to E 90 Rd

6 600 Rd from E110 Rd to E120 Rd

Longs Church Loop (S610-E150-S 615Rd)

S 625 Rd (new RV Resort)

E 233 Rd West of Hwy 10

Bridge Culvert Install:

S 663 Rd

E 230 Rd

Pavement Projects:

S 680 Rd from Hwy 60 South to E160 road (New Construction)

E 120 Rd from Hwy 10 to Stateline