Commissioner District 2

The Office of the County Commissioner, District 2

D2 Planning Ahead

Hello District 2 Community and the rest of you in FB land.

Thank you for taking the time to read the following about our plans this spring and summer in D2.

First I will start with the projects that are currently in engineering and planning stages:

1. The area known as Conner's Bridge road is being reviewed now by Guy Engineering to bring that road up to a 25-50 year flood standard, widen, install shoulders and ditches and a complete paving job from the bridge to Hwy 137. I have asked this be moved up to the top of the D2 priorities because of the planned work on Hwy 137 and Hwy 60. Commisioner Earls is also looking at doing the South side of the bridge to Hwy 60 in the same fashion as we know this is already a heavily traveled route but we intend to designate this a "Major" road in the near future. Those that travel this road know the challenges with it and with engineering and construction mean and methods, we are confident this route will be a all season and all weather route in the near future for our community.

2. The Strawberry bridge project (690 of of Hwy 60) is in its final planning stages.

3. Cayuga road (southern end) I had a meeting week before last on this to try and move this planning along. it has been in the works for 20 years and the community needs this road desperately engineered and built. The Chief of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation along with the Engineering firm, the Tribal Council Chair and the County all set and agree this is a project that must get moved through the red tape that is BIA. Stay tuned on this one.

These are the projects that are in the "engineering" phase.

Planned Projects this Spring and Summer:

1. We will be installing a large bridge culvert in the South East section of the District at the bottom of "Coon Hill".

2. We will be completely removing and redoing the intersection south of Wyandotte of 160 and 642 roads. This will be a complete road closure until complete when started.

3. We will be building new road and ditches connecting E 170 to E157 on 635 road. In front of the Arnolds ranch.

4. This summer after school is out we will be starting the "Cut through" road north of Wyandotte on 645 road with a creek crossing project.

5. Road building on E 130 road from Hwy 10 to 645 road.

6. Complete the Longs church loop project.

Overlay/Paving Projects:

E120 road (East of Hwy 10)

670 road towards Peoria

e 73rd and 670 road in the Northern section of the district.

In addition to these plans: When time allows we will continue to remove excess berm material.

We will have an aggressive vegetation program of spraying and mowing this year.

And lastly, We will be installing multiple culverts and storm water drains all over. If you need a culvert please get no less than 18" in diameter and call the office at 918-544-6447 and get on the install list. The length of your culvert must be 2 feet longer on each side of your drive way. For example if your drive is 12 foot wide, Please purchase a 18 inch 16 foot long culvert and have it on location then call the office.

In closing, this is all weather dependent of course, We get floods again like last year, all these priorities will change and will be pushed back until our community has the ability to travel again from the flood damage.

There is much to do as you can see but we can do it. We spend a considerable amount of time evaluating and planning these projects and when we start them we can confidently complete them if mother nature allows us too.

On the routine grader maint. expect to see the graders in your area every 4-6 weeks. after big rains, we focus on emergency routes first and then secondary routes. YES I KNOW your road is the most important road to you and it matters, and it really does but so do others. We will get there...

Have a great spring.

thank you

GOD Bless