Ottawa District #3 Here is what is taking place this week: 9/20/17 Regular road maintenance. 9/18/17 We will begin paving on 190 Road between 590 and 610 Roads for 2 miles. Signs are being posted. 9/5/17 Fall Clean Up has been scheduled for Oct 14 from 7am to 5pm, this will be held at our Fairland facility, located at 1201 Industrial Road. We accept tires, furniture, etc. No hazardous material or liquids, paint, etc. No exceptions. County workers will be on sight to assist. 9/5/17 Kaisa Bathuli from Grants, New Mexico was here on 8/30/17 to host a meeting to discuss the Old Hwy 66 (ribbon road). Next step will be to meet with all County Commissioners. 8/16/17 ODOT is allowing us to receive 300 loads of millings to be placed on NS 130 Rd between 110/Hwy 69. These millings will provide much smoother driving conditions and safety. 8/16/17 Ottawa County District 3 will be helping District 2 build a new bridge on E 205 Rd, this was heavily damaged in the April/May rains. 8/7/17 Construction will begin again on Hickory Creek. 2/6/17 Starting today, 230 Rd between 580 and 590 Rd will be closed for approximately 120 days. This will allow for Hickory 12/12/2016 Please remember the speed limit is 45 on County roads unless posted different. Office Hours are Monday thru Thursday 7am to 5pm. Office phone 918-676-3227.