Ottawa District #3 Here is what is taking place this week: 11/6/17 Regular road maintenance, mowing, and installing drainage structures. Older announcements: 9/5/17 Kaisa Bathuli from Grants, New Mexico was here on 8/30/17 to host a meeting to discuss the Old Hwy 66 (ribbon road). Next step will be to meet with all County Commissioners. 8/16/17 ODOT is allowing us to receive 300 loads of millings to be placed on NS 130 Rd between 110/Hwy 69. These millings will provide much smoother driving conditions and safety. 8/16/17 Ottawa County District 3 will be helping District 2 build a new bridge on E 205 Rd, this was heavily damaged in the April/May rains. 8/7/17 Construction will restart on Hickory Creek. 2/6/17 Starting today, 230 Rd between 580 and 590 Rd will be closed for approximately 120 days. This will allow for Hickory 12/12/2016 Please remember the speed limit is 45 on County roads unless posted different. Office Hours are Monday thru Thursday 7am to 5pm. Office phone 918-676-3227.