Ottawa District #3 Here is what is taking place this week: 7/18/17 Grading County roads and putting rock where needed. 7/18/17 Spraying the Right of Ways. 7/18/17 We will be replacing several pipes and culverts to provide better drainage. 6/11/17 Children get in our road ways without thinking, while they are playing, please be safe and observant of our little children. Slow down on our County Roads. Office Hours are Monday thru Thursday 7am to 5pm. Office phome 918-676-3227. 2/6/17 Starting today 230 Rd between 580 and 590 Rd will be closed for approximately 120 days. This will allow for Hickory Creek Bridge to be replaced and made much safer for our County. 12/12/2016 Please remember the speed limit is 45 on County roads unless posted different.