13th District Court

Judge Robert E. Reavis II
Associate District Judge
Judge William E. Culver
Special Judge
  Judge Robert G. Haney
District Judge


The backbone of the Oklahoma judiciary, the District courts, have general jurisdiction over most all civil and criminal matters within their sphere of influence. District judges are elected, in a nonpartisan manner, to serve a four year term.  A Special Judge may be appointed to assist the District Judge. (Wikipedia). 

Ottawa and Delaware counties comprise District 13 presided over by District Judge Robert Haney, Associate District Judge Robert Reavis and Special Judge William Culver.  Judge Haney oversees the civil and criminal dockets and assumes the administrative duties of the court.  Judge Reavis hears domestic and juvenile cases, while Judge Culver presides over small claims, misdemeaners, and traffic court.  He also presides over the preliminary hearings in felony cases.